Overview Of The South African Capital Equipment Sector

The South African Capital Equipment Sector consists of five segments: Mining, Agriculture, Civils & Construction, Process Industries and Utilities.

South Africa is for the first time participating at Arminera 2007 with nine exhibiting companies. South Africa would like to showcase its abilities in the Mining Equipment and Mining Processing segments, where South African companies are competing against some of the world’s best in Project, Retrofit and Aftermarket supply markets.

Argentina and other mineral producing countries of South America are important markets for South African mining as well as mineral processing equipment. Nonetheless, the rest of the world and, of course, Africa, are also substantial markets for South African capital equipment.

However, what makes Argentina special for South African mining equipment and minerals processing plant manufacturers is that the Argentine mining sector is developing form a relatively low base and will in many ways be doing pioneering work. South Africans have been pioneers in many mining ventures in the past and have achieved feats that critics said could never be done. In mining one has to be innovative with a will to achieve and implement. A “can do” attitude is needed. These traits have helped South Africa to become a major mining country. Now we are willing to share our experiences with new partners who are also portraying the same “go get” mind-set.

South African mining equipment and processing plants are in operation worldwide. They are renowned for ingenious and straightforward design, robustness in operation and easy to maintain makeup.

Exports of South African capital equipment have been increasing by more than 10% on a year-on-year average over the past 5 years and further robust growth is expected as the industry is getting more export orientated and is positioning itself more assertively to co-operate in large capital projects on a global basis.

South Africa also has an important capacity in the capital project development field and can offer total solutions in terns of mi9nig projects.

South African quipment and engineering companies are constantly looking for joint ventures in developing new mines in third countries as part of its total project solution strategy. Though partnering, the supply chain is continually being upgraded and made more efficient to the benefit of the client.

South Africa is proud of its track record in research and development, with organizations such as the CSIR Miniingtek and Mintek interfacing with successful project developments globally.

Their services can be contracted to improve the performance of green and brown field projects.

The South African Mining Engineering Services sector is also very competitive. With more than 100 years of experience, and having helped to develop the world’s deepest and most profitable mines, it renders services to mining companies worldwide, both in developing new projects and supplying after market solutions.

Access to both suppliers of products and services can easily be made through the South African Capital Equipment Export Council, The South African Association of Consulting Engineers, The South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors and Trade and Investment South Africa, a division of the South African Department of Trade and Industry, (the dti).

The South African Mining Equipment, Minerals Processing, Capital Projects and Engineering Services Industries are looking forward to doing business with clients in Argentina, other countries in South America and the rest of the world.