Driving and Road Safety
Our transport infrastructure is excellent and our roads are in good condition. However, remember we drive on the left-hand side and safety belts are mandatory. You may find the distances between towns greater than you might be used to, so it’s a good idea to plan your trip to ensure you don’t drive long distances, as fatigue is a major cause of road accidents. Always try to travel in daylight, as it is inherently safer. In some of the more remote and rural areas the roads are often not fenced, so you might find stray animals on the road – which could be very dangerous at night (seeing that cows don’t have headlights).

We have very strict drinking and driving laws – with a maximum allowable alcohol blood content of 0.5%. This translated into about one glass of wine for the average women and perhaps 1.5 or two for the average man.

Please adhere to our speed limits – for your own safety and ours. It is 120kph on the open road, 100kph on smaller roads and between 60 and 80kmh in town and residential areas. Our Department of Transport has initiated a road safety programme called “Arrive Alive”, details can be found on their website.
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