Sport and recreation

South Africa’s favourable climate makes sport a year round attraction. Over 160 sporting activities are represented with the major sports including soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis and golf.
South Africa has over 400 registered golf courses at which tourists are welcome to play. It is however advisable to contact the golf course in advance to book starting times and establish dress codes. For more information contact the Pro Golfers Association of South Africa (Tel: 2711 485 2327/Fax: 2711 485 1799)
Water Sports
South Africa’s coastal waters offer safe swimming conditions and the coastline provides perfect conditions for a wide range of water sports.
Hiking Trails
Nature enthusiasts can take advantage of the many South African hiking trails with a brilliant array of flora, waterfalls and breathtaking views in all nine provinces.
For more information contact the Hiking Federation of Southern Africa: (Tel: 2711 968 1202).
With some 250 species of freshwater fish and 1500 sea water fish species, South Africa offers the keen fisherman endless opportunities. Many game/nature reserves and holiday destinations have dams, rivers and coastlines where fish can be enjoyed.
Current sports events in South Africa
… Argus Cycle Tour, Comrades Marathon, Midmar Mile(swimming), Golf Challenge Cup, Two Oceans Marathon, Dusi Canoes Marathon, Rugby, Football, Críquet, Rapel, Bungee Jumping, Fly Fishing, Trekking, Mountain Bike, Paragliding, Polo, Rock climbing, Diving, Parachuting Jumping…….
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