South Africa is focused on the Ease of Doing Business. With this in mind, we have taken an investor perspective to outline the key steps of the investment journey.   InvestSA has also indicated, on the investment journey, where it has the necessary expertise to contribute and support your investment opportunity. For South Africa’s key sectors please see:

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In terms of opportunities, the demand for Agribusiness technology (Greenhouses, Irrigation systems, Green cold storage facilities, drones), alternative Health care outside the medical “drug” system and healthy food stuff is now a new trend and the demand is increasing. There are opportunities in the processing of fruit, oil seeds, soya, meat, and dairy.

One prominent feature of Agribusiness is its continuous pursuit of new technologies. These technologies boost efficiency by reducing wasted resources, saving time, and improving output. Skills development in Agribusiness should be seen more as an investment to serve the strategic aspirations of the sector, hence there is a deliberate drive by the South African government to address skills development so that as a country we can maximize the value added to the sector.

A rapidly growth of the African continent population and an increase in middle class earnings per capita has seen an increase in investments by international Agribusiness companies in the continent. Most companies are accelerating their growth in key markets around the world and South Africa still remains the destination of choice for most companies. The likes of Diageo, Heineken, Unilever, Coca Cola, Nestle, ABInBev, In2Foods, Dr Oetker, Lactalis, Clover, PepsiCo are expanding their operations and product offering using SA as springboard to penetrate the continent.

It is imperative that SA continues striving for an improved conducive predictable investment climate to encourage more FDI.

Digital Technology and Business Services Sector

The Digital Technology and Business Services Sector consists of the following sub-sectors: Business Process Outsourcing, IT services, Hospitality and Tourism, IT services , Fintech services and Film, TV and Documentaries

Digital Technology

Government has created a favourable environment to stimulate investment in internet infrastructure and continues to establish regulations (digital migration, POPI Act, Spectrum Auction, Cloud Policy Development and ICT Masterplan) to support growth of the sector.
By 2030, ICT is expected to underpin the development of an inclusive dynamic information society and knowledge economy through the development of a comprehensive and integrated e-strategy that reflects the crosscutting nature of ICTs. South Africa has relevant expertise related to fibre, datacentres, wireless infrastructure, computing and storage facilities, cybersecurity and institutional and operational capacity across hardware and software infrastructure required to successfully capture 4th Industrial Revolution investment and manufacturing opportunities.

Business Process Outsourcing

South Africa’s focus in terms of Business Process Outsourcing is on the following
Back Office Service Hubs (call centres with focus on international work);
Knowledge Process Outsourcing;
Legal Process Outsourcing;
ICT (Datacentres);
Software Design and Engineering;
Game Development and Transcription Services

South Africa is an attractive foreign direct investment destination due to the following factors; lucrative incentives, major cost savings to source destinations such as UK, USA, and Australia of at least 40-45% on steady state operating basis, good infrastructure, robust enabling environment and good lifestyle.